So I’ve had some delays in my project lately, mostly life. My grandfather passed away so things have been busy with that, he will be greatly missed. He was an incredibly smart man up until the end with incredible drive, determination, and work ethic, may he rest in peace.

I’m finally starting to get back on track and have started once again my search for a suitable trailer. It’s been much harder to find the right trailer, I want it to be able to carry the weight of the house while also not requiring too much work to make. I’ve found a lot of trailers that would be heavy duty enough to carry the weight but most of them would require a lot of work to get them arranged properly for this build. I’m currently waiting on an estimate from a couple places for a custom trailer, hopefully it won’t break the bank. I have a 3.5 hour drive each way to one place tomorrow so I can describe exactly what I want to get a better quote. Once I get the trailer things can finally begin. Fingers crossed!!

I’ve been spending a lot of my time researching lately, mainly codes, and reviews. I’ve also started to talk with some local businesses to see what I can do for sponsors, so far no discounts but everyone is interested. Who wouldn’t be though?

Hopefully things start to speed up soon on the project.


Clearing the site

I didn’t want to waste a day so I started clearing the site for my new tiny home. Turns out Fozzie (the big dog) wanted to help. I told him to go get his ball so I could throw it which he usually does. This time he picked up a huge rock and brought it to me. He must be trying to help me clear the site!



Pallets & trailer

Well I was unable to pick up pallets today, hopefully tomorrow!! The pallets are going to be used for numerous things in my home from siding to shelves and more!

I still haven’t found the right trailer for me for the right price. Hopefully I’ll be able to find one soon.


Out enjoying the weather

Fozzie and I out doing some thinking on the project or at least trying to, he’d rather play fetch.

Out enjoying the weather


Starting my home

Well after over a year of interest in the Tiny House movement I’ve finally found exactly what I want to build along with the inspiration to do so. The inspiration came from Macy Miller ( her home and story is fantastic!! I hope I can be as successful with this project as she was with hers!

I’ll be trying to keep everyone posted on the progress step by step to show how I’ve done things as a learning experience for myself and others!


– Nick